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We specialize in working with rural, smaller communities that would like to gain visitor traction by providing meaningful, memorable experiences via their most popular and attractive assets.

We fully customize our consulting services, depending on your needs, from destination development strategies to business operations reviews.


Backed by decades of expertise and a methodology that encompasses all elements related to the viability of tourism businesses, our rural destination management and strategy development advice and plans are actionable, understandable, and measurable. Our Tourism Market Readiness Assessment tool—built by and for rural businesses—will guide you through what you need to do to cater to your market. 


Destination Marketing Support

As destination developers, business owners, and strategic thinkers, we offer consultation services that are hands-on, easy-to-understand and actionable. Structured by our signature Tourism Market Readiness Assessment Tool, we can help communities, businesses and municipalities grow as attractive destinations.

From event logistics and “boots on the ground” representation at events and conferences to managing social/traditional media campaigns in both official languages, Locali.t can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

Call us to discuss your marketing challenges and we will customize our services based on your specific needs and target markets.

Get the tools and support you need

Let Locali.t help you elevate your tourism marketing. Contact us today at 343-553-3810 or send us a message using our online form.


Tourism Awareness Workshops

From workforce development in small-town accommodations and rural destination guerilla marketing to “visiting friends and relatives” (VFR travel), the team at Locali.t can tailor its in-person and virtual workshops to fit your organization’s specific requirements, whether it is aimed at staff, managers, government officials, or the public. 


Sample Workshop Topics

1. How to market your destination and make your community unique

2. How to support your destination’s businesses

3. Understanding why visitors are interested in your community

4. What is “rural” tourism?

5. How to raise community awareness about the value and benefit of tourism

Data Collection and Analysis

Knowledge is power

What do you know about the tourists who visit your business or destination? Do you know who they are? Where they came from? Why they made the decision to come? Do you know what they took away from their visit (their impressions & experiences)? If you aren’t collecting and analyzing data, you are missing out on a goldmine of information that you can leverage to grow traffic and revenue. 

For smaller or rural organizations, it can be incredibly difficult to find reliable, high-quality information on which to base important decisions. For example, data collected by Statistics Canada and other sources is very limited—especially for rural destinations—and often doesn’t paint a clear picture, making it harder to make tourism-related decisions on everything from operations and marketing to customer service.

Locali.t to the rescue! We offer specialized data-gathering and analysis expertise in tourism and hospitality, plus analytics that will give communities and businesses real-time data so that you can better understand and prepare for your visitor markets.


Implementation Support

Getting a custom strategic plan is essential but it's only half the battle. Especially if it sits on your desk for months, or even years.

Delivering its action items is where it's at. No strategy is worth the effort without a full implementation. However, implementation can be taxing on human and financial ressources.


We're here to help!

Whether it's to determine what to tackle first, give you contacts and tips to check these items off or even lend you staff members to deliver results, we can help and guide you through the process. We can pretty much do it FOR you. 

Send us an email with your strategic plan at and we'll brainstorm the best tips and tools to get that plan to fruition.

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