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Project Description

A new regional data collection and analysis project has just been launched and Locali.t was mandated to help small tourism businesses within RTO10 (Ottawa & surrounding areas and Prescott-Russell) gather much needed and often missing data within the tourism sector. 


50 businesses will be selected to gather 2 months of data about their tourism business including:

  • Who visits my business?

  • Where are they from (how far did they travel)?

  • Where are they going?

  • How long are they staying?

  • Who/what are they visiting?

  • What language do they speak?

  • What are my business' affinity markets?

  • And so much more!


The best news yet? There are NO COSTS to your organization to participate in this pilot project. Locali.t reserves the right to select the businesses best suited for the project.

If you wish to gather data past the project dates, you may contact GroundLevel Insights and make arrangements with them directly. Service fees will apply. 

Important Dates

Group 1

(now closed)

Registration end date:

July 15, 2022

Data collection dates: 

from July 23 to October 23, 2022

Data summary given to businesses: 

November/December 2022

Regional data findings and summary:

January 2023

Group 2

(open now)

Registration dates:

July 27 to August 10, 2022

Data collection dates: 

from August 13 to October 23, 2022

Data summary given to businesses: 

November/December 2022

Regional data findings and summary:

January 2023

Eligible Businesses/Organizations

Your business must :

  •  be within the RTO10 sector, which includes and is limited to Ottawa & surrounding areas and Prescott-Russell.

  • have a physical business with walk-in clients. Cannot be a shared office or an online service. Note: Businesses with unit numbers within malls for instance are OK.

  • offer tourism services/experiences to tourists/visitors within the months of July - October.

  • be able to demonstrate business operations for at least 12 months.

  • have a valid Ontario Business Number.



About GroundLevel Insights

GroundLevel Insights specializes in looking at the world through human movement data.

What is Human Movement Data?

Human Movement Data is a powerful dataset that makes you an expert on a place, the people who visit it, and what they’re interested in. It’s real time and constantly updated so you can have insights on where consumers are visiting, shopping, dining and traveling–both today and tomorrow.

Human movement data is primarily gathered from smart devices—mobile phones, smartphone apps and other internet-connected devices from users that have explicitly opted in to sharing their location. It is the respected source for information on how people move, where they’re going, and why.

Be aware that the data gathered is limited to the visitors/tourist that enter your business with a mobile phone that allows location tracking (about 70-80% of the population does have traceable capacity). 

The data that will be generated respects all clauses of confidentiality and personal identification information will be given or even gathered as cellular data itself is anonymous. All data is fully compliant with PIPEDA, GCPR, CCPA and other data privacy protection laws. 

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How to Apply for Group 2

Please fill the following application form in order to gather all necessary location information to indicate your interest in participating in this pilot project, as well as enable human mobility tracking by GroundLevel Insights around your property (once application confirmation has been obtained). Note that submitting your interest in participating does not guarantee the collection of data for your organization. Locali.t reserves the right to select the businesses best suited for this project, at its entire discretion. 

Individual Comprehensive Data Dashboard

Have a glimpse of the wealth of information provided by the data dashboard set up by GroundLevel Insights. All data will be summarized and available to you after the data collection period.

Let's Work Together

For any questions or comments, please contact Myriam Beauchamp at